Brains and Brawn. The quality of Utah’s workforce is often touted as a key factor in making it such an outstanding place for business. Davis and Weber counties are great examples of having a workforce that’s both educated and willing to work. Our Right-to-Work-based culture fosters an environment of trust between employees and employers.


Drive North. Plus East, West, and South. The Northern Utah Economic Alliance area is served by four U.S. Interstate Highways and 12 State Highways. We have both commercial and light rail. Consumer Reports lists Utah roads as being the 8th best in the nation: “Utah roads rank on our best roads list thanks to prompt maintenance and quality construction.” I-15 is the main artery of the state; it runs directly through the middle of both Davis and Weber counties.

Tax and Incentives

With one of the lowest corporate and individual state tax rates in the nation, Northern Utah is a financially-sound decision for business. In addition to low tax rates, the region offers potential corporate incentives from rebates, an industrial assistance fund and workforce training

Major Employers

From aerospace to venture capital, Northern Utah is home to many great industries and companies. Other prominent industries include defense, life sciences, outdoor products and manufacturing. The region enjoys a strong economy as well as a well-educated workforce.

Commercial Real Estate

Search our database for available buildings or lots. There’s a space for everything; manufacturing, industrial, office, or commercial.