Community Spotlight: Ogden City

Along with thriving businesses, our residential communities have extraordinary recreation options just minutes from home. With three nationally recognized ski resorts, with mountain biking, trail running, hunting, fly fishing and natural beauty all in the Wasatch Mountain range we have something exciting to do year round. 

Jennifer and Taylor Killian, the founders of AndShesDopeToo — a worldwide adventure community of women — are among those talented individuals attracted to Ogden’s accessible and affordable urban-to-adventure lifestyle. From their home in Ogden, Jennifer and Taylor have unparalleled access to both the outdoors and the city’s “fun counterculture vibe” at the foot of the mighty Wasatch Mountains. Building on their mission of connecting people and planet with perspective and purpose, Ogden is ideal for their business and lifestyle — and for raising their family. The Killians cannot imagine a better place for their business or family.


Utah loves education. Along the Wasatch Front (between Logan and Provo) there are six universities, three technical colleges, three business-colleges, and one of the largest community colleges in the nation. Within the K-12 range, Utah’s schools regularly rank within the top 20 of the nation (and in the top 10 for school safety). Bottom line, 87.4% of your potential workforce will have graduated from high school. Of that, 70% will go on to attend college.

Sports and Recreation

We would be hard-pressed to find a sport you can’t do in Davis or Weber county. Mountains for climbing, skiing, boarding, hiking, camping, and hunting. Lakes and streams for boating, kayaking and fishing. Long stretches of road for cycling and running. Miles of golf courses for, well, golfing. This, that, and the other thing. Plus every outdoors supplier you could ever want. Serious. We’re not exaggerating here. Weekends (who are we kidding… weekdays too) are a lot of fun.

Arts and Culture

We’ve stated Weber and Davis counties provide options. Living in northern Utah gives you the option of attending a travelling production or symphony at Weber State University, or driving south to Salt Lake City for even more. The best part is you don’t have to stay in the city. It’s close enough for great museums and concerts, but far enough away to not inhibit your quality of life.


Davis and Weber County are home to multiple hospitals and medical clinics. Great healthcare is available whether for minor aches and pains or major surgery. Many specialized services are available nearby with Salt Lake City home to 3 of the 50 best hospitals in the nation. In addition, medical insurance for individuals and companies is provided by many regional and national carriers.

Moving to Utah

What lifestyle are you hoping to find? What about your employees? Will your company be relocating staff from around the country? We have everything from multi-million dollar residences to historical sites built by the early Mormon pioneers. There are large and small apartments. Homes near golf courses and acreage for a farm and horses. From utilities, to internet providers, arranging a road closure for a heavy-equipment delivery. Call us first. We can make the process a lot smoother.