Job Market

Job growth in the region is more than double the national average. With average wages below the national average and labor force participation rate above the national average, the Northern Utah region is one of the strongest, hardest-working economies in the nation.


Employment for Combined Davis and Weber Counties. For over a decade, job growth in the Northern Utah region has been nearly double the national average.

Employment data are derived from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and imputed where necessary. Data are updated through 2021Q3 with preliminary estimates updated to 2021Q4.

Employment Density

Every region has industry expertise—Northern Utah has many. With legacy industries such as aerospace and manufacturing, to innovative advanced composites and outdoor products industries, to an emerging financial services and tech presence, Northern Utah has the labor and supply chain you need.

Note: Figures may not sum due to rounding. – Employment data as of 2021Q4. Demand data reflect place-of-work employment; retirements reflect place-of-residence data. Employment and unemployment data represent a four-quarter moving average.

Wage Comparisons

Everyone needs labor and Northern Utah makes hiring employees easy. With wages below the national average and a well-educated workforce, this region brings motivated and educated employees to a diverse group of employers.

State Wage Comparison

Stacked up against some comparable states Northern Utah can shine on its own as a region for business growth. We’ve got an affordable workforce and opportunity.

Metropolitan Wage Comparison

Wage comparisons in some key industries in competitive markets. Northern Utah has the same talent and skill as larger markets, we’re just more affordable.

Employee Characteristics

Young, educated, and affordable. The rest is in the details.


Northern Utah has more people in the left boxes and fewer in the right boxes. What does that mean? Our region is young. Which means a well-trained workforce for today, and a strong pipeline for tomorrow.

Educational Attainment

The middle bars and the biggest. It’s true, our PhD population is not quite as large as LA, but if need employees to work, we have the right mix of trade, professional, and a whole lot of grit.

Northern Utah Employment Inflow-Outflow

The US Census Bureau’s Inflow-Outflow analytic helps highlight the daily migration of employment into, within, and out of a region. The below visual shows the proportion of daily workers in the region.