Davis County

Take the rides of your life: Boasting 10 coasters on 95 acres, Lagoon is more than the only amusement park in the state, it’s the only one within 400 miles of Salt Lake City.

More than 500 miles of trails, 11 golf courses, and our very own island. Davis County is bordered on the west by the world-famous Great Salt Lake and on the east by the beautiful Wasatch Mountains.

Weber County

We are rugged and rustic, yet cool and urban. Our history has run the full gamut from trading fort to bustling metropolitan railway hub, and landed into high adventure attraction. Our rich mountain to metro personality derives from a unique balance of vibrant shopping, delicious dining and exciting nightlife with backyard access to year round, heart-pounding outdoor recreation and the majestic beauty of the Wasatch Mountain Range. Ogden, Utah offers one-of-a-kind outdoor recreation and metropolitan delights throughout the year.

Jennifer and Taylor Killian, the founders of AndShesDopeToo — a worldwide adventure community of women — are among those talented individuals attracted to Ogden’s accessible and affordable urban-to-adventure lifestyle. From their home in Ogden, Jennifer and Taylor have unparalleled access to both the outdoors and the city’s “fun counterculture vibe” at the foot of the mighty Wasatch Mountains. Building on their mission of connecting people and planet with perspective and purpose, Ogden is ideal for their business and lifestyle — and for raising their family. The Killians cannot imagine a better place for their business or family.